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  • Karen and Doug Norman
  • Location: Southern California
  • Collecting Since : Late 70's
  • Number of Scopes : probably 300 or so
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"Jeremiah" Bull Frog


signed Knapp 06 #6.  Light green bullfrog leather, 2 mirror/6 point,  fairly elaborate rose engine detailing of the turning end, contains lampworked dichroic and stringerinies.

Fruit of the Forest


Signed – “Fruit of the Forest   2013   Randy 🤍 Shelley Knapp”

Commissioned for Doug’s 60th birthday.  The two rose engine turning scallops around the eyepiece and the glass light dome are 60 in number to commemorate the occasion.  The original Fruit of the Forest scopes had been a number of years prior but Randy still had a large piece of Coastal Myrtle set aside and jumped at the chance to turn another big scope.  The chamber contains torchworked glass and two marbles made by Randy and a heart shaped piece made by Randy.  The previous scopes of this series had similar glass pieces in them.

Karen's Garden


This was a commissioned piece in that the Durettes were going through some leftover scope parts and sent an email out to a number of collectors to see if there was an interest in making a scope from the parts.  This chamber for a parlor (possibly an Earle’s Garden) was available and we asked them to place it in a handheld scope, they called it “Karen’s Garden”.



The name indecision comes from the idea of plucking petals from a daisy to answer a question, “He loves me, He loves me not”.

Black and White Lizard


This scope is covered with lizard skin, I really like it, but it creeps Karen out a bit, and she prefers not to hold it.



2019 version of the Daffodil scope

Second Wind


The Second Wind series of scopes by Randy and Shelley Knapp consisted of three similar scopes named Faith, Hope and Love.  The scopes were different from anything the Knapps had produced so far.  The bodies were molded acrylic, and the object cell was donut shaped.  The sides of the scope were covered by wood veneer, a different one for each scope.  This scope is “Hope” and has a Bubinga wood veneer.  This scope is a bit different in that it is a prototype and made from purple acrylic instead of black.  It is engraved on the bottom “KNAPP – 2012   “HOPE” PROTOTYPE”.

We were in Jerome for the October get together in 2012 and I was taking the Knapps wood turning scope class.  Shelley mentioned to me that there were a couple prototypes at Nellie Bly’s if I was interested and after class I went to the shop and had it set aside.  It is one of 5 prototypes they brought to Jerome that year along with a number of regular versions of the scope.

Daffodil/Peggy's Garden


1995 version of the daffodil scope



This was bought at the San Diego convention in San Diego.  Randy related to us that the wood for this particular scope was from a tree in his hometown belonging to an old girlfriend from High School.  The tree was rotten and needed to be removed so a fence was removed, and a boat moved to allow the tree to be cut down and then the tree just fell over, just where they planned on felling it.

Dichro Lite

Owner and Pet


These two scopes were auctioned as a set at the Jerome Humane Society Auction in 2016.  They were created as a set, representing the owner and their pet.  It was the first time that they had put a turning end on a small scope.  The mirror systems and cells were different to represent the differences in how humans and their pets see the world.

Quilt block it's a wrap


This was an auction scope at the Jerome Humane Society Auction.  The scope was a collaboration between Janice Chesnick, who did the quilt block, and Judith Paul and Tom Raredon.  There had been a similarly made scope in the previous year’s auction that I bid on but lost out to Corki Weeks who is a quilt collector and really wanted it.  The next year when another was auctioned off, I was able to be the winning bidder but was bidding against Corki again and she was disappointed she did not get this one also.


She plays with fire


This “She Plays with Fire” is marked R04 (maybe R94?) on the side of the dell and then the bottom of the stand is signed ” “She Plays with Fire”   Shelley 🤍 Randy Knapp   1 of 27   1994″



This Tanoshi was made from a piece of Claro Walnut that I gave to Randy for that purpose.

Biography/Collector Statement

Karen had seen a kaleidoscope available in a catalog in the middle 70's but we were unable to afford it as I was still going to school. After I graduated in 1977, she tried finding the scope but found that the item was of course long since unavailable. That started an off and on search for kaleidoscopes. Eventually, in 1984/85, Karen's father found a store in Southern California with kaleidoscopes and we ended up buying a Peach Boxed set. In the fall of 1986, Karen's cousin mentioned that there was a kaleidoscope exhibition near them in Maryland. Karen and her sister flew out to see the Strathmore "Through the Kaleidoscope" Exhibition in September or October 1986.